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   Jay Purdy is a composer, recording artist and multi-instrumentalist based in Philadelphia, PA. His music career began in 2004, traveling the U.S. and abroad as a singer/songwriter for folk-punk band The Extraordinaires. As his original music began to find its way into indie films he soon transitioned to composing, allowing him to work in varying genres including pop, country, hip hop, orchestral and electronic music. 

     Jay's first big project came in 2005 while writing the music, lyrics and original story for the rock-operetta 'Ribbons of war', which was adapted to the stage as a full musical production with his troupe Extraordinaires Theater [NPR Audio Documentary Here ]

     In 2009 he was tapped to write a feature length score for indie film 'The Space Jockey Pursuit', quickly followed by Netflix-featured documentary 'Enter the Battlefield'.


His work has recently been used as the sound of Hendrick's Gin, and in 2018 he wrapped his latest score for a four-part film series by writer/director Tatyana Yussokovich. He currently works as a resident composer for animation studio Pencilmation, as well as being a regular contributor at All Ages Productions and K&H Productions.

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